Hello, Gorgeous!

I’m Corrie, owner of Bubbly & Beloved. I also hold other titles leading up to (and the day of) a client’s special day: confidante, liaison, conductor, crowd controller, mediator, real estate agent, tour guide, image consultant, mind reader, financial planner, cheerleader, custodian, and the list goes on...    

I’m going to be honest with you. I have seen a LOT when it comes to weddings and events. I have been working in the wedding industry for more than 5 years. I pride myself in my meticulous organization of details (thanks to my lovely mother). I know how overwhelmingly important communication and details are. The bride and groom shouldn’t have to worry about someone moving the three tables off the dance floor right after dinner and before the first dance! They shouldn’t have to worry about whether the DJ knows the exact timeline as the caterer or to make sure they get served the minute they sit down after Grand March! They shouldn’t have to worry about collecting all the decor and personal accessories at the end of the night because there is another wedding at the venue the next day! 

On your wedding day, yes, you want to be the center of attention. And you will be! Seriously, the day is about you and your beloved! (Here comes the but…) as weird as it may sound, you do NOT want to be the one in charge that day. Yes, you are the boss, you have made the decisions as to what you want, but we are the ones making sure everything plays out how you want it to, so you don’t have to!

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